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Myrea Pettit of Northampton

History of Northampton
  • Media
  • birth: Feb 10, 1970

Myrea Pettit is recognized internationally as an English fantasy and fairy artist and illustrator born in Northampton. She studied with famed Swedish illustrator Ann Mari Sjogren painting flowers, butterflies and fairies. Her website recognised worldwide as authoritive on her art and in formation contednt

Her works published in following books
* Der Elfen und der Feen 2003
* Fantasy Figures 2003
* The Art of Faery 2003
* Watercolor Fairies 2004
* The World of Faery 2005
* How to Draw and Paint Fairies 2005
* How to Draw and Paint Fairyland 2008
* Messages From Nature's Guardians 2009
* Fantasy Art Collection 2010 USA

She has also authored books
* 500 Fairy Motifs 2005 by Myrea Pettit,
and illustrated fully
* Fairies Art Studio 2010 written by her husband David Riché. She has two daughters.

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